Monday, March 31, 2014

Introducing Sarah's Saga.. It begins with Eyes of a Pagan Queen by Jeffrey Underwood & Kate Taylor

In the hoary myths of time out of mind, there is the legend of a vengeful warrior queen, an Ethiopian queen, who conquered a kingdom and radically changed the course of world history.  Ethiopia, as the land of the first human beings, has been critical to this species development.  As such, what Queen Isat accomplished was huge.  But did she achieve anything?  Did she actually exist?  Was she Hebrew?  Was she Pagan?  Was she the cruel savage she was purported to be by Christians of the tenth century in northeastern Africa?  Did she lay waste to Christians and their churches, slaughter Aksumite princes, and establish her own unique dynasty, the Zagwe.  The Zagwe were real.  Was she as their founder or was she already a member of their royal court?  Or possibly neither? 
 The kingdom that she conquered was Christian and powerful.  It spanned even to the old empire of Egypt.  Within it, the history of Sheba, the Ark of the Covenant, the earliest written system in Africa, of Ge’ ez, flourished; coins as circular metal pieces for exchange of goods were initiated by powerful King Ezana; pagan religion was banished and left to drift on the boundaries of civilization.
 A young woman, Sarah, of present day Seattle, stumbles into the clutches of exactly this period of Ethiopian history.  Her father is white and American while her mother is black and Ethiopian.  Sarah has graduated college and is prepping for law school boards when a maelstrom of events moves her into treacherous spaces and alien places.
 The goddess Astarte craves resurrection in the pantheon of gods and goddesses worshipped.  She has that in times past but will she in Sarah’s present?
An idiosyncratic and totally unexpected world is created in Eyes of a Pagan Queen.  The tapestry blends the fraught and suspenseful with accurate and vivid history as well as heated erotic encounters and characters that are deeply three dimensional. 
 It is a very engrossing, twisting, and suspenseful read that is spirited and horrific.  So as soon as you, the reader, has settled in and are relaxing with the flow of the pages, it is then that, yes, the Queen’s eyes will fasten on yours and within the reflection of her pupils, you will wonder if Sarah’s fate and your fate are intertwined.

Click on the link below to take a journey into what you find in Eyes of a Pagan Queen

A peek inside Eyes of a Pagan Queen

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