Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tranquility in a Silent Retreat

I have planned a writer's retreat for myself April 7th through the 10th. I used to go on a silent retreat once a year, and my senses were acute in the surrounding silence. I wrote a short story about sensually eating a pear during the silence of mealtime. Since that time I have never eaten a pear that tasted so delicious.

Work and family became my focus and it turned to years before I took time to quiet inside and find some peace. The retreat house became unavailable so I had to think of an alternative. That's when I came up with my own few days of near silence. The retreat includes activities that admittedly I don't take time to do. Now that I am single, the time is all mine.

The daily itinerary will include simple but fine food: cheese, fruit, homemade soup, bread, and wine. During my day I will listen to some quiet pleasurable music, create some kind of art project, and take a mindful walk. Following the walk, I will journal what I experienced while outside in sunshine or rain. Later I will settle into the quiet and write.

I smile as I scribble these words, that my three days will not include using the computer. What, no email or Facebook?  Oh, that could be difficult!

If your world becomes too hectic to enjoy writing, you might consider giving yourself the gift of a retreat even if only for one quiet day.

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