Saturday, March 22, 2014

Author Notes...Jeff Underwood & Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor collaborated with Jeffrey Underwood on fifteen novels.  The earliest of their collaboration were entitled Treason’s Truth; Mac Alpin’s Scotland, Eagle’s Eclipse; America Before Columbus, Tasman’s Travail; The Journey Down Under, and Highland Gals.
Their most recent tales have been Sonnet In Red Ink and Tracks of Lost Tears.  The entire compilation of Sarah’s Saga includes: Eyes of  A Pagan Queen, White Scream, Scythian Sorrows, Indecent Diane, Glitter’s Graveyard, Crist Miss Blues, and the newest, Skin Monster.   

Kate and Jeff are presently immersed in developing their own publishing and consulting business.

On a playful level, Kate and Jeff have also combined in writing The Rule of Thumb & Fingers, a texter’s bible with lots of laughs, and Sock Monkey Life, which is full of sheer creativity.

Jeff and Kate met online and found that their collaborative interests meshed splendidly.  This new novel is an example of that blending of gusto for writing that they both certainly have.

By the by, despite a distance of three thousand miles, Kate and Jeff have accomplished the writing and self-publishing of their books via texts, email, or phone alone. 

They have yet to meet.  But they will.

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