Saturday, April 12, 2014

Practicing with Pen & Ink...

Phenomenal Flora

Saturday morning cartoons were interrupted with an emergency news broadcast.

Newscaster Tom Dickenherry reported.
"We interrupt the normal broadcast to bring you the following breaking story. This just in. A young man is missing following what appears to be an astonishing and incredulous appearance of unnatural flora in the town of Biggending, Kansas. 

"Witnesses described the scene earlier in the day. The Bakerson farm, owned and operated by Peg Bakerson and her son, Jack appeared normal. Young Jack had been observed as he opened the gate of the pasture and was led their only cow through the gate and down the gravel road. Later in the day, neighboring witnesses reported that they heard a loud argument between Jack and a woman who they confirmed to be Jack's mother. Witness also stated that they saw the woman go outside, throw some small items into the front yard, just over the porch railing. They observed her as she threw up her arms, shook her head, and then went back inside, slamming the door. Jack reportedly went outside appearing angry, as evidenced by his flailing arms, shaking fists and stomping feet. He was seen entering the barn.

"Just after dusk, witnesses throughout the town reported signs such as seeing and feeling furniture moving, cupboard doors opening, dishes rattling, and even window panes cracking, all thought to be associated with a possible earthquake. Seismic graphs showed very little movement. Then, as was stated, an explosion was heard throughout the neighborhood. Witnesses stated that the explosion began as approximately thirty seconds of rumbling, not unlike thunder in the distance, followed by the loud reverberating boom.

"Astounding is what happened following the alleged quake and explosion. Eyewitnesses from a nearby farm spoke to our reporter Bob Telltale who is at the scene. Bob?"

"Tom, we're here in Biggending, Kansas at the Bakerson farm. We are speaking with Carl and Doris Fibbers, neighboring farm owners. Doris, tell us about what you heard and saw at the Bakerson's."

"Well, we knew something was wrong all day. Peg Bakerson never gets mad, but she was some angry at her son, Jack. Maybe it was because he took the cow away. He never brought Daisy back. That's when Peg was yelling.
After supper, Carl and I were sitting on the porch; we do that every night until dark. We like to watch the fireflies. But, oh, what happened just before we went inside. The windows started rattling and inside I heard a couple of dishes fall and break. It lasted about a minute, I think. I ran inside to pick up the mess."

Carl joined the conversation, "You should've seen it. After what we thought was a quake, there was this sound, loud, like a train running under the ground and then, boom! I yelled to see if Doris was okay, and when she came out onto the porch, that's when we saw it together."

"Oh my land! We did! This thing, a plant or something just shot straight up out of the ground. Up and up and up! We didn't know what the heck it was! That's when we called for help. Look! See it over there?"
“I don’t know but it looks like, well, a beanstalk, but I’ve never seen a beanstalk that gigantic! The thing is humungous!"

"The last time Jack was seen was when neighbors reported observing him entering the barn on farm property. Police are investigating the disappearance of Jack Bakerson. FEMA has been informed of the alleged earthquake. During the investigation and until further notice, Bakerson Farm Road is closed to the public. This is Bob Telltale in Biggending, Kansas. Back to you, Tom."

"Thank you, Bob. We have been live with Bob Telltale in Biggending, Kansas. He is there and has been reporting on the disappearance of 18 years old, Jack Bakerson, following an alleged earthquake, explosion, and the unnatural growth of a gigantic beanstalk in the yard. We will bring you up to date with this breaking story on NewsCastNow at noon today. 

"Thank you. Now, we take you back to the regularly scheduled programming."

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