Thursday, March 27, 2014

Under the Flannel Sheets by Kate Taylor

The fire was so nice
the wine, the quilt
and you
Oh, my sweet hearted love,
just look at you.
My, my, my...
Are you still done in by our play?
Mmm, I am as well
and need to lie quietly
next to you
Come with me now
as I turn down the covers
and join you
under the flannel sheets
The warmth of you
saturates my soul
and I am so content.
How I love you.
My goodnight kiss to you
My lips touch your closed eyes,
your cheek,
and the corner of
your softest mouth.
My hand over your heart
feels gently, the rhythm of you
and your breathing
lulls me
into a slumber
where dreams find life.
                                 kate taylor

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