Saturday, March 22, 2014

Meet Jeffrey Underwood..

My name is Jeffrey Underwood and I was born smack dab in the middle of the last century, 1950.
I  have been married twice and am now single. In my second marriage, I became a stepdad to six children.

I enjoy photography, where my interest centers around portraiture.  I am athletic and still have fun on the tennis courts. I graduated from the University of Washington and then Shoreline College to obtain my Registered Nurse degree.

My father was an attorney and my mother was an accomplished author. My brother is a professor of communication at the University of Washington and my sister is a political consultant. Both have published their own works.
I cared for the developmentally disabled throughout most of my adult career and then did a u turn a few years ago and began writing exclusively.

My first and second books, Forbidden Tome; the True Tale of Hansel and Gretel, and Lethal Assumed;Lost Tome Found, are fantasy.  With my deep interest in history and psychology, the books that have followed are historical fiction. All the books I am involved in are spicy, to say the least. Adult erotica abounds. Unless you are particularly squeamish, you will enjoy that aspect of the writing as well. All the reads are entwined and emerge as humanistic and optimistic. That is who I am with the addition of a wildly creative mind.



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