Saturday, March 22, 2014

Meet Kate Taylor

My name is Kathleen Anne Taylor, affectionately known as Kate.

I was born in 1955. I have been married once and I am now single. There are many children in my life. I have two daughters, six grandchildren, and one great grandchild!

Through the years I have had a variety of occupations. I worked with very young children in my own kindergarten classroom. While I loved the teaching experience, I was called to move on. I was employed at a hardware store for too many years before deciding that I was not using my talents. One summer, an ad appeared in the local paper and asked the questions of me that I had been asking myself. My career in healthcare began shortly thereafter. As a Licensed Nursing Assistant, I cared for the fragile elderly. My talents were brought to the surface even further when I became certified as an Activities Director. Meeting the five basic needs of the residents became award winning work for me. I continue that my work with the elders, while continuing to develop the talents that I have.

I enjoy playing soft arpeggios and chords in new age and classical piano music.

I don't spend nearly enough time painting in watercolor, something I love.

I am a poet. The poems that I pen are very sensual in nature and reflect my deep spirit.

I have even entertained the music inside my mind as I wrote two songs.

My talent for writing surfaced officially in 2011, and the gift of pen to paper I have, is continually being lovingly developed daily.

My first published work is The Pink Eraser.

A note of warning:  My words are descriptively juicy and all the senses will be affected while reading any of my tales.

Joyous reading!

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