Friday, August 14, 2015

Sea Of Impulse - Our eleventh tale in the ongoing Sarah's Saga

"Sea Of Impulse", by Jeff Underwood & KateTaylor

La Maupin, otherwise known as Julie d’Aubigny, reached for it all. This 17th century human comet is somehow connected to the fate of Sarah’s mother and her dear friend. The connection, its discovery, is critical. A life, maybe lives, depends upon it!
For all who feel it, La Maupin’s sea of impulse, her unconcerned, almost conscienceless, behavior may prove toxic for others in the present. And its effect must be short circuited to prevent any misery and death.
Parallel to La Maupin’s drama, the story of the attempted revival of a business is told as well. Sarah’s clan is in pursuit of relics again. And it is the Languedoc of southern France and Castle Montsegur which may reveal the only key to that business surviving.
I am mesmerized as the two tales merge, grow, collide and deal shocks to all involved. Merovingian influence rises but for a second and then Cathar spirituality and the relics that hail from that attempt to take over.
But is it a religious relic even that might heal the wounded enterprise which Sarah’s aunt began years ago? Is a relic of any kind found? And does La Maupin steal the show as she spins a frenetic influence that is so powerful that it leaps nearly four hundred years from past to present with vile consequences?

"We acknowledge the eternal fact of history’s fascination & its insights into life lessons.

We would be remiss if we didn’t give an ovation to sexuality- its value, beauty for love & romance, procreation as well.We hushed it but couldn’t leave it out altogether.
After all, where would mankind be without it?

Kate & I also applaud one of our fictional characters too: Lahava, Sarah’s mother in this the eleventh book of Sarah’s Saga. She is magnificently human, tenderly flawed, & always gives it her best in everything." - Jeff Underwood

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Sea of Impulse

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